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Andrea B.

Andrea B.

Happy Friday to you-you beautiful people you!!

Today’s feature on the blog is my sweet friend Andrea.  I love her story because she talks about the importance of putting in the work to achieve her goal of running a half marathon.  Sometimes in life (whether that be: work life, gym life, home life), we want to jump 10 steps in order to cut time in half to reach our goal, however, we only end up hurting ourselves by doing that.  Like I always say, it’s during the process of attaining that goal that we learn more about ourselves and what we are capable of achieving, and Andrea’s story is the perfect example of that.

I hope you enjoy her story, and have a wonderful weekend!



“For as long as I can remember my goal was to run a half marathon.  I would always workout, start running, and never have a plan.  But, I would end up working out too hard, running too fast, and never knew how to pace myself.  I eventually developed patella tendinitis.  I had to go through two rounds of physical therapy and it took about 2 years to overcome the patella tendinitis.  I eventually started working out again and was still determined to run a half marathon.  I started asking other runners how they learned to run properly.  I was finally informed of an app that teaches you to run from couch to 5k.  I downloaded the app and of course I did not start at the first week.  I jumped immediately into the fourth week, because who wants to walk for 1 minute and then run 30 secs, eight times in a row?  Of course I started feeling pain in my knees because I was pushing too hard.  So I decided to start from scratch.  I started with week one and went through week 12 of the app.  Each week I was progressing.  My legs, muscles, breathing, etc were getting stronger and stronger.  I would get so excited each week because I was running further and longer than I ever had before.  I could feel the difference and before I knew it I was running one hour straight. I finally ran my first half marathon in Columbia, SC July 13, 2014.  It was an Xterra Half Marathon which is a trail run.  It was the most beautiful and amazing run ever. I paced myself and would consistently focus on passing the person in front of me.  Before I knew it, I finished that race in 2 hrs and 12 mins.  This was such an accomplishment for me and I cried after passing the finish line.  To make it extra special my husband was there waiting for me, cheering me on and taking pictures.  I learned so much from this experience. I learned the importance of taking the time to train properly and don’t take short cuts. With determination, a proper training plan, support and love, you can do anything.  My next goal will be to complete a full marathon.”



What is Andrea’s definition of Sugar and Strength?

“When I think of Sugar, I think of sweet tea, love and kisses. Like the old country saying, “Gimme some sugar.” To me Strength means having patience, learning to confide in others and asking for help.  You can’t do life alone.  I have learned this lesson with so many obstacles I have faced in my life.”



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