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Jade C.

Jade C.

It’s Feature Friday time!

I had the pleasure of meeting Jade last December at a Christmas party.  All of the wonderful things I had heard about her prior to meeting in person, proved true.  She has a strong faith and a powerful story that I am honored to share with you all today.  Her story is a perfect example of what it means to let go, and let God take control.

Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend!



“Between four to five years ago my life looked so different then it is now. I was battling an addiction to drugs that I was sure would take me out. My days were long and the nights never ended. Everything ran together. I was homeless, stealing cars to get money or to just use as a means to commit more crimes all while shooting meth and heroin into my veins. I’ve been beaten, stabbed; I was always running from the cops.

Always looking for my next fix.

Always trying to numb my feelings.

Always trying to escape into a different reality.


As hard as I would run from God HE NEVER stopped pursuing me.  He sat me down and gave me no other option but Him. My life was a complete wreck, I was incarcerated again, enough felonies to count on both hands and pending federal charges. I had lost all communication with my 3 children that I had abandoned because of my addiction, and I never thought I would see a light at the end of the tunnel.

After 90 or so days of being locked up and detoxing, I finally caved, and hit my knees on those cold jail floors. I cried out to God with all my soul. I was done. I was done being me. I realized I was a wreck! Even more than that I realized I WAS NOTHING WITHOUT CHRIST! I begged Him to change me. To take over my life and do whatever HE wanted with it. I begged God for “this time” to be different.  I wanted no control, and wanted God to just operate me like a puppet.

Even though I cried out to God, that was the 1st step of many things. Even after 6 ½ months of being locked up, I knew I needed life change rehabilitation. I did not know who I was not-high. I entered a long term Christ centered rehabilitation program called The Renewal Center for 7 months.  I graduated in February of 2015. God replaced my thinking with His thinking there. I was able to just sit at His feet and learn who He is and who I am in HIM. I had a very warped perception of myself, that as a woman I still have to work on daily. I know now that my life and my identity are complete in HIM. That He loves me! And most importantly that He forgives me!  He took my hard heart of stone and gave me a heart of flesh.  Following the Renewal Center I completed a 10 month Internship at Shepherds Gate, and also graduated from the Bridge Program which is the Federal Drug Court program, and my federal charges were dismissed :).

God has given me more than I ever thought would be possible for me! He sent an amazing man to be my husband that I will marry on June 3rd, my relationship with my children has been restored and He has added so many amazing people into my life that I call my family and friends.  Every day is an opportunity to be better than I was the day before, but if I cannot do anything without Him.”




What is Jade’s definition of Sugar and Strength?

“Sugar and strength to me means: The strength of Christ is what brought me through, and His grace has made the experience a sweet one, sugary, with no bitterness.”



4 thoughts on “Jade C.”

  • I had the pleasure one Resurrection Day morning, with Jade, of sharing our testimonies with our church. Jade had an amazing testimoniy even then. I believe in my even to this day that Jade excepted The Lord into her heart and even when she went back to her old ways of life I always knew in my heart that she would be back. I know that feeling that she was talking about when God starts His pursuit of us. He starts letting us know that there is something waiting that is so much better than the way we are living. He changes us and makes better, not better than others but better than who we were. I just want to say this, Jade never ever be afraid to share your testimony it is amazing and shows how awesome God is and how He never leaves us and it truly glorifies Him. Praying always for you sister.

  • Wow! You talk about a restoration! What a blessing it is to have you as a friend. God does the most extraordinary and amazing things! I am so very happy for you and I am so proud of you. You are truly a light that shines so bright for Christ! I love you sweet girl!!

  • I had the pleasure of getting to know Jade several years ago as she was doing her internship at Shepherds Gate and I was waiting there to go into the Renewal program. You couldn’t have picked a more beautiful person’s story to write about.

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