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Made Worthy Boutique

Made Worthy Boutique

Happy Friday friends!  A few months ago, I decided I wanted to start promoting small business owners in the area to help inspire those who are also looking to become entrepreneurs, and I featured The Honeycomb Hair Salon.  Well today I am so incredibly excited to feature Made Worthy Boutique an affordable women’s boutique that was formed from a God-given dream.  Kristin and I talk about how her boutique came about, the process, and her “why” behind it.   Guys…I LOVE her clothes, and it’s not just because she is a dear friend, but because she has quality clothing for amazing prices, and she has a passion for helping women find their self worth and value.

Also, because Kristin loves what she does, and she loves helping others feel beautiful in her clothes, she is offering you guys a 20% discount through the end of May!!!  Go to her website Made Worthy Boutique and use the coupon code: sugarandstrength at check out 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, and make sure to follow Made Worthy Boutique on social media and be on the lookout for her upcoming summer line!

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What led you to want to start your own business?
“In the Word specifically in the book of Proverbs, it discusses friendships. It mentions that friends sharpen friends as iron sharpens iron. I have always been a driven individual. In 2014, the Lord laid it on my heart to start a women’s Bible study. One that was not affiliated with the attendance of a specific church and more specifically one that was not assigned to a certain age group of women. It truly was all women welcome. Through taking that leap of faith to start that women’s group, many rich friendships blossomed. I can now say that some of my best friends started that journey with me.
It is so true that you should pick your friends wisely. Whether you like it or not, you do become like the people you surround yourself with. That was true in the start of my business. These women were driven like no other!! We had one friend who lost her job, but pursued her passion and call of writing. She started digging deep into the Word that led her to a full-time job in ministry. We had another empowering lady who pursued her calling and combined her passions of baking and working out (Sugar and Strength *cough cough* 😉 ) There were so many rich dreams and passions that blossomed out of this camaraderie and community. My boutique Made Worthy Boutique is one of them! These women led me to pursue my passion of inspiring all women to recognize their beauty and worth in Christ. We are ALL made worthy through the Lord’s actions on Calvary, and my boutique is about recognizing that and embracing it!”
Let’s talk about why you are passionate in your career.
“​Everyone has God given gifts and blessings to share with the world, everyone does! I feel like through society’s lens women struggle to see their true value. We are constantly looking through different mirrors. For example, we are either using what society says we should be, what our parents say we are, what our past says about us, what our friends say about us, heck sometimes we even let complete strangers dictate how we feel about ourselves based on their unfounded words and actions. I’m passionate about Made Worthy Boutique because I believe the Lord sees all of us as beautiful. If only we could see our value through the Ultimate Mirror of Jesus everyday, we would understand our true beauty and worth. Made Worthy Boutique is a way to constantly encourage other women. We can have common unity of affordable clothes and a common message that the Lord finds us all valuable enough to die for us! That is the purpose and the passion behind what I do!”
Tell us about the process and amount of time/planning it took to open your own business
“The process to open your own business is not for the faint at heart! It took me over a year to pray through next steps and research how to even start. Once I realized that I had a large support already through our women’s group, I finally opened in February 2016. I started writing policies, goals, marketing plans, etc. Not to mention, you have to become legal through tax IDs and merchant services. Once all of that happened, I started finding quality vendors and posting online to gauge interest in particular items. I started out with roughly 200 members in my closed Facebook group (Made Worthy Boutique VIP). Over the course of 10 months, I have grown that following to almost 1700 members. I created a legitimate website outside of social media. The website definitely helped me streamline ordering, inventory management and shipping. All in all, Made Worthy Boutique is still perfectly processes and continuing to grow and improve. I would say that it has taken me a full 24 months to get started and finally get to a place where I feel like the business is almost running itself to an extent. :)”
How does it feel to own your own business?
“Liberating and exhausting! It is amazing to see something form from a simple prayer for freedom to a thriving business. However, it is hard work. If I go a week without posting, I lose following and engagement. If I post too much, I lose following and engagement. There are always outside influences to how I run my business from what I purchase to how soon I can ship an item after ordering. It gets tough sometimes. It is hard not to get discouraged based on outside influences and the nay-sayers. There is something about making money in your sleep though that is truly a life changer. When I wake up some mornings, I check my website and see that 3 or 4 people made purchases through the website while I was asleep. It seriously is so freeing to know that I’m the one in charge. I’m the one that started it from a dream. It is amazing to see how far God has taken this tiny thought of mine that started in my living room through a chat with friends!! Only He can do the impossible.”
What advice would you give to someone that is looking to start their own business?
“If you are thinking about starting a business, pray and talk it through with a trusted friends. Like anything in life, make sure God is at the center. You will know if it is a God-given dream or an act of human desire through God’s guidance. Once you have prayed and heard from God that this is in fact a plan He has for you, STICK WITH IT!! Do not get discouraged. Always remember those sweet conversations and encouraging moments with Him. Know that He has a plan and timing for everything! He will see you through the hard times when they arise. Also, make sure you have a community to encourage you when you are discouraged. I still go to my friends from the Bible Study to say, “Why am I doing this again?” Your community will be the foundation and steady ground under your feet! Keep them close by!”

Don’t forget to go to Made Worthy Boutique  for 20% off items through the end of May, use coupon code: sugarandstrength at checkout 🙂
Follow Made Worthy on Social Media:
Instagram: @madeworthysc

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  • Little miss Kristin…..there’s just not enough words to tell you how proud I am of where you are in your life . First of all is your relationship with God,then in your marriage ,in becoming a Mom and just so proud of the woman you have become .I always knew you were destined to be someone who would accompllish so much as an adult,but you have surpassed all that .
    Thank you for always being a good child,teenager and young adult .You have such a good and strong husband and best of all ….someone who loves our Lord as you do ,SO YES ,

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