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Motivation Tuesday

Motivation Tuesday

I know I know…”motivation” and “Tuesday”, don’t rhyme….sorry, no fun hashtags for this one.  Since today’s weather is pretty crappy outside in Upstate South Carolina, I wanted to send some uplifting vibes to brighten the day.


Someone once told me to not bite off more than I can chew…I told them I would rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity ~Unknown


I saw this quote on someone’s Instagram page, and thought to myself…”now that’s legit”.  This quote makes a great point – give it your all and go big.  I would rather fall flat on my face, knowing that I gave 110% into the process versus delicately tip toeing around the situation and only giving 50% into the process.

I recently participated in my first individual Crossfit competition here in Greenville, the crazy part, I have only been in Crossfit for eight months.  This particular event was placed on my heart, so I knew I had to follow through regardless the outcome.  The morning of the competition, I was completely in the mindset of “I bit off more than I can chew…why did I sign up for this”.  I knew I was going against others that had WAY more experience than myself.  However, I went into this knowing that I always give my all when I train, therefore, I had nothing to lose, only the experience to gain.  At the end of the day, I was so thankful I followed through.  I was so grateful for the experience, the community of women I had the opportunity to be a part of, and the outcome of my overall performance.  Also, getting to watch the other women participate was amazing.  To push past my own physical barriers was a huge step, I learned I am capable of more than I thought, and this has pushed me to set bigger goals for myself.


Pictures courtesy of Buckhead Media


Everyone is scared of failure, however, it’s during times of “trial and error” that we grow and learn more about ourselves than we ever have before.  We learn we are capable of pushing past our own limits, and that develops character.  Whatever goal you have set for yourself, do not allow the “nay-sayers” to try and hinder you from from it.  Continue to strive for greatness, and take what would commonly be labeled as a failure as a stepping stone to what you have been called to do.


Happy Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Motivation Tuesday”

  • Awesome!
    You motivate me weekly! I am ready to hit my next faze. Just over 8 months until I turn 40. I have a couple of goals that seem too big. But, I have no tolerance of staying mediocre!

    • Thank you Mandy! Don’t look at 40 as something to be scared of, view 40 as another mile stone to new goals. You can meet those goals, I know you can 🙂

  • I love this post, and I’m trying to move beyond mediocrity in the second half of my life! This anonymous quote is my new life quote! I used to workout at HitCF when I lived in SC, so I may very well have met you and/or your husband back then. May God bless your endeavor as the new managers!

    • Thank you so much Angela! This is so sweet of you! If you are ever visiting SC please drop by the box, I would love to meet you in person 🙂

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