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Immeasurably More

Immeasurably More

Happy Friday my beautiful people!  After many weeks of neglecting Sugar and Strength, I feel I can finally take a deep breath and relax from all of the hustle and bustle that has been occurring.

Now I know all four of my faithful readers will remember my past post titled Facing Modern Day Goliath , where I talk about my personal “Goliath” being fear because we (my husband and I) were presented with opportunities that would shift the direction WE wanted to take.  Then one door after another would close on the direction WE wanted.  I emphasize “we” because it was not God’s direction for our lives.  Looking back over the past year, I can definitely see that God strategically re-routed our lives, for something that I can clearly see is immeasurably more than I could have ever imagined.

A year ago I injured my back right before a powerlifting competition, instantly I thought “did I do something wrong?”  I didn’t understand because I felt I was doing everything right in order to stay injury free.  The door to powerlifting had to close.  When we joined HIT Crossfit , the coaches were able to help me participate in classes with my recovering back while still getting a great workout in.  Another plus was the community that encouraged me through my injury.


Post “Murph” Picture


Fast forward to March of this year, it was time we started house shopping.  The entire time we thought we were supposed to move to a certain location, but every house we looked at would have something about it we did not like.  Then one morning this beautiful home, in an area completely opposite of where we were looking, came across our realtor’s site; we looked at it that afternoon, and put in an offer on the spot.  In this housing market, that’s what you do, you jump on a house as quickly as possible and normally buyers go on bid wars and sellers are able to make a bigger profit than anticipated.  We were actually out bid by another buyer.  At one point during our tour of the house, we went outside on the front porch to talk about the house and if we wanted to put an offer in.  The seller, happened to drive by at that exact moment; she said when she drove by she saw us on the porch, and God told her we are supposed to own this house.  The seller also included the kitchen appliances, washing machine and dryer.  This is not your typical story in today’s housing market.

The reason I mention the appliances is because as a baker I needed appliances that can withstand the production of a large order, like a wedding cake.  The past two and a half years I have been baking with a mini oven.  A tier in a wedding cake typically has multiple layers, the mini oven I was using could only fit one layer at a time.  What would normally take a baker with a normal size oven 3-4 hours to bake a four tier wedding cake, took me 8 hours.  That doesn’t include making the icing or decorating.  Now I have a big beautiful oven that is only a year old.  I’m a little embarrassed to even show a picture of our old oven, but in order to understand where I am coming from, it had to be shown.  Like I said, immeasurably more.


Mini Oven vs. New Oven


In the middle of our house hunt, we were approached by the owner’s of our box, HIT Crossfit , to become the managers; which was a curve ball we were not expecting.  After meeting with close friends and much prayer, we accepted the role.  This was just another reason why every house in the first area WE wanted did not work out.  This was God’s way of pushing me to step out of my comfort zone of being the “co-pilot”, and becoming a leader.  We were being led to the area our house is this entire time, that started almost a year ago when we walked through the doors of HIT Crossfit.

God’s plans are always greater than our own.  Sometimes situations occur in our lives that leave you asking “why is this happening?”  We may be left with disappointment, anger, hurt, loss, frustration…and all the while God is beside us saying “just trust me”.  He wants immeasurably more for our lives than we could ever imagine, we have to trust His process and not our own.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding  Proverbs 3:5 (ESV)

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  • This really spoke to me today…. I read this with a tear in my eye…. it is so true that what we see as our direction is not what God has planned… I find that hard to accept at times. It was nice to hear you put it down in words.

  • I better be one of the four readers you mentioned!! :). You are such an amazing person! You have always been there to put others in front of yourself and now it’s your turn my love! I am so proud to call you my best friend! Love you!

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