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It’s a Process

It’s a Process

Hello you beautiful people!

I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July!  We had an amazing showing for our annual fourth of July WOD at HIT Crossfit (literally people in every corner of the box), plus we had a best dressed “Red, White & Blue” contest – great job Sarah and Jorge on your attires!  We all had so much fun, and great community; then the rest of the day the hubby and I relaxed and watched multiple episodes of House of Cards, a lazy day that we very much needed to recharge our batteries.

Post WOD Group Shot! 🙂


Today I want to talk about “the process”.  What do I mean by “the process”, I mean the process of our health and fitness journey.  Guys, I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle over eight years ago, and I can testify, my outlook on fitness, diet, and my own body image has changed dramatically over the years.  I’ll be honest, I started my health and fitness journey because I was unhappy with myself.  I was going out ALL-THE-TIME, I was eating very poorly (can someone say Waffle House?!), drinking way too much, not getting enough sleep, and just not taking care of myself.  I had always been an athlete growing up, but now that I did not have sports to counterbalance my poor life choices as an adult, I knew I needed a change.


I joined a gym and started going to classes, which led me to want to eat better.  Fast forward, and I took this new found journey to an EXTREME…an unhealthy extreme that I talked about in this post-My Battle With Body Image.  I went through a stage where I thought I needed large amounts of protein, low fats, and I thought carbohydrates were the devil.  I refused to have even a small bite of anything that was not a part of my diet because in my mind that one small bite was going to ruin all of my hard work over the past few months.  Yo-yo dieting is what this is famously referred to.  Did I lose weight, yep…did I cut back on my partying and drinking, yep…but I was tired, crabby, and not very pleasant to be around.

Once I realized that low fat, low carb and high protein was not sustainable long term, it was trial and error moving forward.  I would try out whatever fad diet was happening, just to see if it worked for me.  Over time I stopped referencing magazine articles, or trending Facebook posts on what’s good and what’s not.  There is not a magical pill, wrap, or 21 day fix that was going to give me instant results, it was the long haul process that I had to learn: real food and exercise.  I had to find what worked for me, my body and my lifestyle.  There are going to be times of plateaus, times where three years ago one thing may have worked for my body, but now it doesn’t work anymore.  I had to start getting rid of the chemicals that are in foods, what do I mean by chemicals?  Look at any label of food that has a shelf life, if it has multiple ingredients that you cannot pronounce, it’s not natural.  What is an apple made out of?  Seeds, that are planted and sprouted…not red number 5.  I’m not going into a whole organic, all natural debate on food here, because we have food in our cabinets that are definitely not natural (like my current Triscuit obsession),  I’m simply just trying to help you be aware if you are currently working your tail off and are in a plateau,  check out some of the items you are eating every day and what the ingredients are, maybe it’s time to switch something out.

The process is also about embracing change, patience, and getting to a place where you are happy with yourself.  Stepping out into the uncomfortable may be to actually join a group fitness class, gym, or (like me) Crossfit; for some that can be very scary because people can judge.  You know what I say to those few who may feel the need to judge and ridicule…WHO CARES!  This is about YOU and YOUR journey, block out the negative, you are doing this for yourself and it is perfectly okay to be selfish when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.  Do not let anyone convince you other wise.

Continue to keep in mind, this is a process, a journey, a lifestyle change.  In fact, don’t even use the word “diet”, because “diet” has such a negative vibe to it these days, diets are temporary…a healthy lifestyle is for the long haul.  When you get to a place that you are frustrated, the number on the scale hasn’t moved in weeks, you would rather eat what is convenient rather than what will take work to put together, go back and look at how far you have come, not how far you have to go.  Use yourself as inspiration, not a fitness model on social media, keep a log of your progress and do not always focus on the number on the scale.  Keep in mind, everyone’s health journey is different.  I weigh the same now as I did at 18, but I look completely different, I feel so much better, and I have a healthier mindset of what “fit” means to me.  If you are someone that realizes you need to take the leap into a healthier lifestyle, stop debating, start doing, and most importantly-remember it’s a process.

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