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Jacked Up Fitness Apparel

Jacked Up Fitness Apparel

Yay it’s FRI-DAY!  And hot as the inside of a bakers oven that’s for sure (that’s about the cleanest way I could phrase it…tryin’ to keep it PG here).

You all know I love to support local, and I have recently decided to start featuring local business on the blog.  I love to feature the “WHY” behind someone’s brand.  I know when I hear a person’s heart behind what they are creating, I’m 110% sold on supporting them as much as I can.  If I could travel all over the country (with my husband of course), I would seek out small local businesses to feature every week…as well as visit the local Crossfit boxes (ddduuuh!!).

Today’s feature comes from Anderson, SC from my friends Jack and Salem, owners of Jacked Up Fitness Apparel .  They are two if the sweetest, most honest, people I have ever met.  They truly just want to bring a good quality brand, and build community among others.  I hope you enjoy hearing their hearts behind their brand.  Check out Jacked Up Fitness Apparel website, I know you’re going to love their items just as much as I do, so use discount code “Annie10” at check out 🙂

Have a great weekend!



Jack and Salem


Tell us about why you are passionate in your career?

“We are so passionate in our career because we know we are building a community that seeks out the same things that we do … building friendships, bettering ourselves and working out hard!! It’s not about the shirts and gear for us. Like Jack has said, he would give everything away for free if he could. We love seeing our gear bring folks from all walks of life and different gym spaces together!! It’s such a great feeling to see a random stranger wearing your gear in a competition, at the mall, or even Disney! Yes that really happened– two random families met because they were both wearing Jacked Up Fitness  shirts…so cool!!!”

What lead you to want to own your own business?

“Jack and I have always wanted to run our own business even before we met and got married. There’s just something about putting in work and seeing the fruits of your own labor. We wanted something that could work around our family and that we could do the way we wanted to do it!”



Tell us about the process and amount of time/planning it took to open your own business.

” Jacked Up Fitness has taken almost 2 years to truly get up and running the way we have wanted it. We have had to perfect our ideas, perfect our logo, pick out the right materials and find the right market to present this to. It’s been challenging at times but we have finally found our niche in the Crossfit Gyms!! Social media is key and also takes time ((several months)) to build the viewers and come up with creative posts that are different every time! We have to plan each week a month in advance as we visit other local gyms and post our weekly pictures and information.”

How does it feel to own your own business?

“Owning our own business is so rewarding and such a humbling experience. Of course, any time you start your own business it’s also very scary because it’s a huge investment of your time and money. You don’t know what the outcome will be. But like I said earlier, we love the community and family that this business has brought together and the amount of support we receive is incredible!!”



What advice would you give to someone that is looking to start their own business?

“The best advice we can give is to plan plan plan! Don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t take off right away either. It takes time to get up and running and on your feet. Having a clear vision and game plan is essential because you cannot successfully execute your business model without it. We have found that hitting smaller goals first, helps keep the bigger ones front and center. Baby steps and one day at a time. Customer Service is also EVERYTHING. Folks’ first impression of you is how they will view your business so make sure that you make each and every interaction count because if someone is willing to buy from you, or invest in you, then it’s your job to make them feel special!!”

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