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All Things Anniversary And Food

All Things Anniversary And Food

Happy Friday and happy first day of Fall…with 83 degree weather in the south.  Not my ideal first day of fall weather, because I’m ready for mornings that are cooler than usual, but I can’t control the weather, so I’ll take the sunshine when I can.

Last weekend was our four year anniversary of marital bliss.  This is crazy to think we have been married for four years, when people say it doesn’t feel like it, they are absolutely right.  Especially when you’re having fun 🙂  I have to take a moment to brag on my husband.  Regardless of the crazy season we are currently in, and the lack of spare time either of us have, my husband is the absolute best at putting “us” as the number one priority.  I tend to struggle saying “no” to piling more things onto my daily schedule, but he will always make a point to continue to say “no” to the the things that will only wear us out, and take away our time together.  On top of all of our craziness, he planned our entire anniversary weekend.  I’m just very thankful to have him as the person I get to share life with.  Marriage is not a perfect Hallmark movie, and majority of the time, people only post the “highlight reels” of  their life on social media.  However, it’s when you have a partner that balances you out, it makes all of life’s craziness worth it.  A piece of advice for those of you who are just married, or are on the way to getting married, always make time for each other, never stop laughing, and always take spontaneous adventures together.

Our anniversary weekend consisted of apple orchards and food…two if my absolute favorite things.  If you have been reading my blog for awhile, then you know I have secretly always wanted to be a food critic, and write about all the different food adventures I go on.  I say “critic”, however, I would only write about the good places, I would never write about a restaurant that gave me a bad experience, because everyone has an off day.  That’s what I’m bringing you today, because a lot of you that saw our social media posts dining at Jianna in downtown Greenville, have asked how it was.  I’m here to tell you this place was worth making reservations 5 weeks in advance to sit on the patio, thank you Wheatley’s for the recommendation.


Our view from the patio


We only had to wait a few minutes for our table, which I didn’t mind, it gave us an opportunity to grab a drink and hang out.  Our table was outside on the patio overlooking the corner of Main street across from Fall’s Park, I highly recommend a table on the patio, especially if you like to people watch.  Our waitress, Ericka, was super sweet and very informative of all Italian things on the menu we were clueless about.  We knew we would want to try several items on the menu, so we ordered a few different appetizers and small dishes to share.  We started with the Ricotta crostini and potato gnocchi…OH MY GOSH…the ricotta…heaven on a plate!

This ricotta was mixed with a truffle honey and sprinkled with sea salt…I’m currently drooling just thinking about it.  The truffle honey didn’t have that earthy taste, like most truffle flavors can be, and the sweetness from the honey was just the right amount for a savory dish.  The potato gnocchi had so much flavor, especially with the smokey bacon pieces (who doesn’t love a combination of potato and bacon), we ordered extra crostini just to finish off the slightly creamy broth.


Then my husband ordered the Casarecce, and I order the Baby Lettuces and Polpette.  The casarecci was a pasta dish that contained beef shortribs, beech mushrooms and roasted tomatoes that was perfectly dressed with olive oil and seasoning.  The roasted cherry tomatoes would create the perfect sweet bite to go with the rich beef shortribs.  My baby lettuces salad contained goat cheese (the whole reason I even order this), pistachio, crunchy proscuitto, fresh blueberries and tossed in a moscato dressing.  I’m not a fan of sweet dressings, and when I read “moscato” I was not 100% sold on it.  However, this dressing was not too sweet at all, in fact, it was a perfect match with the saltiness of the goat cheese and proscuitto. The polpette, in a nutshell, veal and pork meatballs served in a delicious tomato sauce on top of creamy polenta, need I say more?




Baby Lettuces




After dinner, we walked around downtown for a bit, then I (of course) wanted dessert.  So we went to my favorite dessert cafe on Main Street, The Chocolate Moose Bakery & Cafe .  I am somewhat partial to the Chocolate Moose, since I used to work there, and it you read my About Me section, you’ll understand even more why I am partial to them.

We ordered the black bottom cupcake and the cookie butter cupcake.  We had the black bottom cupcake at our wedding so it was only appropriate to purchase it, plus it’s one of our favorites.  This is a chocolate cupcake with chocolate chip cheesecake baked in the center topped with traditional cream cheese icing and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips.  Then the cookie butter cupcake…OH THE COOKIE BUTTER!  Best way to describe this…take Trader Joe’s cookie butter and transform it into a cupcake.  The cake is moist and delicate with little bits of cookie baked in to it, you can taste little hints of ginger and spice from the cookie butter, and the icing is light but rich at the same time.  I know light and rich do not go hand in hand, but somehow, they made this icing to be just that.

Cookie Butter Cupcake


Needless to say, Saturday was an amazing time with my love, and we had the best food adventure at Jianna and The Chocolate Moose.  If you can, I encourage you to try out these two places soon.

I hope you enjoyed my first attempt at being a Food Critic…I should probably change that to “Food Experience”?….”Food Adventure”?  Yes, “Food Adventure”, because adventures are ALWAYS fun.  Happy Friday Friends 🙂

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