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Never Ending

Never Ending

What if the rope never ended? Would you start to pull?  In life we often set out with an intention and are met by a mountain of challenges..


I’m pretty sure when I logged into my blog account…cobwebs fell out.  With busy seasons, come times when some creative hobbies we love, get put to the way side.  My blog is one of those.  However, with the new year and the many…many…”new me” posts on social media, I think to myself, maybe this year will be their year.  Most of us start particular intentions on January 1, a clean slate.  By March 1, most of these intentions have fallen to the way side.  The most popular intention set for the new year: Health and Fitness.

I just want you to know, before you continue reading this, I’m not pointing a finger, I have experienced everything written below personally.  I made every excuse and I blamed other people for my lack of drive.  My hope is to give someone their light bulb moment, because I wish I was spoken these words of truth.  Then maybe I would have avoided too many years spent of self doubt.

Everyone wants a quick fix, myself included.  A quick fix would be much more convenient versus the long haul of work attached to goals and opportunities.  With today’s technology, our society has turned into Veruca Salts, “but I want it now” (this would be a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory reference, go watch it if you do not know what I’m talking about).  Self control, discipline, balance, etc. everything that comes with living a healthy life style is now somewhat foreign. What is actually practiced is instant gratification, “treat yo self” mentality, blaming others.  Stop pointing a finger at others, and start taking the blame for what we are doing to ourselves.

“Treat yo’ self” is a mentality that should be practiced every so often, maybe even once a week; not every other day at 10 AM when the breakfast biscuits arrive, or 2 PM when a 600 calorie latte pick me up is calling.  How about we also stop blaming our family’s schedules, coworkers eating habits, or genetics for the extra baggage and lack of self discipline, start taking responsibility.  To watch people repeatedly set great realistic goals for themselves, only to piss it away because it was “too hard”, “not enough time”, “my schedule is busy”, kills me because I was that person, and I know it’s hard at first, but if the person will just stick it out for more than 8 weeks, it gets so much easier.  We make our own schedule, so stop filling in the down time with useless distractions.  Investing 20-60 minutes, 2-5 times a week, of physical activity, and choosing the healthier food options even when it costs a little extra, is in no-way, shape, or form selfish.  Taking the time to invest in the overall well being of yourself in order to be there for your loved ones in the long run, is truly a SELFLESS act.

We should focus on overall well being, the things we can control: what we put into our bodies, our sleep schedule, and our mindset.  Do not focus on the things we cannot control, it’s wasted energy and added stress.  Create accountability with a trustworthy person, and when I say a trustworthy person, I mean someone who is not going to say “you DESERVE that doughnut”, this trustworthy source needs to be someone who will tell you “don’t eat that shit, you’ve been doing so good”.  Also know that genetics play a role in some things but it’s not the end all be all.  Take the time to track how you’re feeling: sluggish, short of breadth, struggle to stand/sit/walk up stairs?  Taking different types of health medications and don’t want to be, or just dislike the shape your body is in? Do you want to do something about it?  Then freakin’ do something about it, believe in yourself, and stick to it.  Especially when the challenges start to arise, because there will be challenges, with the occasional set back.  Speak positive truth to yourself EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  From my personal experience, if we talk poorly to ourselves, then we will always feel poorly about ourselves.


Let’s also touch on the trolls that are out there that would love to see failure.  The troll could even be a family member, or a “friend”.

The people that would love to see someone fall flat on their face.

The people who may judge, and make passive aggressive comments about what you choose to eat.

The people who may even wave junk food under your nose to try and get you to cave. (Yes, that’s happened to me too)


You know what I say to everyone who would prefer to see failure versus success….______ EM ALL!  (you fill in the blank).  Create distance from those that will only poison the progress, this may or may not be a permanent distance, however, just keep in mind, the people in your inner-circle can either uplift or tear down.


To start climbing the rope to a healthier/happier life style is never ending, it’s a continuous life change that takes time, balance and discipline.

I would have loved for someone to speak truth to me 10 years ago, and tell me, “you’re the reason why you cannot reach this goal, you’re the reason why your health is crap”; maybe this would have turned my thought process around, but most likely my stubborn 20-something year old self would have ignored it.  Like I said before, maybe this will give someone their “light bulb” moment to see their intentions come to fruition.  I’ve been down this path, it sucks and it’s not easy in the beginning, however, I promise promise promise, this is worth it…YOU are worth it.




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