Inspirational stories, with the occasional sweet treat


Hello!  I’m so glad you’re here!

Sugar and Strength started in July 2015 as a social media “mini-blog” (that’s what I like to call it at the time).  I would post a person’s story every Friday with the hopes of inspiring others who could relate.  Sugar and Strength has grown, so it was time to move to what you see in front of you.

At this point I’m sure your are asking yourself, “what exactly is this about”?   Sugar and Strength is about community.  The community that inspired me came from a bakery and the gym…my two passions in life.  In order to know where the “Sugar” and the “Strength” came from, you need to know my personal story…

What most people know about me is: I love to bake, I love the gym, and I love cake…let’s be real, all forms of dessert, I don’t discriminate.  What most people don’t know about me is, for years, I struggled with my body image, low self-esteem and eating issues.  I was obsessed with the number on the scale, I hated how I looked in the mirror, and food was my prison.  The endless road of negativity started to change in 2010.

Choc Moose Girls

This change started with a job as a baker in a local bakery where I was surrounded by a team of positive women. Not long after, I joined a fitness team where, again, God surrounded me with a group of positive women.

dream team girls

I’m a stubborn person so this was a slow process, but God started to show me things about self-worth and value that He taught me through those women; it was the community that we shared that started to change me.  In 2014, with the support of my husband, I was able to face the struggles that I hid for so long and finally ask for help.  Facing these struggles was not easy, but I can say I am a stronger person because of it.

What started in a bakery, moved to the gym, and can only continue with God has become a positive life change that has given me the confidence to start new journeys in all areas of my life.  I pray that by my transparency, and the future transparency of others, Sugar and Strength can help connect and create a positive mindset all women (and men) should have for themselves.


I like to end every post with two things:

  • A person’s definition of what they feel Sugar and Strength means.
  • What their favorite dessert is.

So what is my definition of Sugar and Strength?  When a person is faced with any challenge (spiritual, physical, or emotional), admits they can’t do it alone, and ask for help.  Strength in community.

My favorite Dessert: Fresh out of the oven baked treats with ice-cream…or as I like to call it, the ultimate trifecta of any dessert.